Gifts app privacy policy for Facebbok

April 17th, 2012

This is the privacy policy for the App “Gifts for iPhone”.

As a registered Facebook user, you are also subject to Facebook’s privacy policy. Please check your Facebook account privacy settings for further information.

Collecting information about you

We do not collect any information about our App users.

Our principles

1. Your privacy is very important to us and will do our utmost to protect it.

2. We will respect your privacy. You will never receive marketing emails from Pixelka.

3. We will never collect or use individual user details.

4. We will be transparent in our dealings with you as to what permission the App will need to work properly.

Sharing your information with us and others

When you first access the App, for example by sharing content using the “Gifts for iPhone” on iOS, you will be presented with a Facebook permissions page, which will advise you about the Facebook information you will be sharing with the App and other Facebook users. You can then decide whether or not to share your Facebook information by using the App. If you decide not to grant permission you will not be able to use the App.

By granting permission you will be agreeing to let the App post on your behalf at your request on your wall. We do not require any other Facebook user details besides the ones necessary for this permission.

If you choose to post content on the App, for example, by commenting on an article, this can be accessed by all of your Facebook friends.


You can remove the App by accessing the application settings in your Facebook account settings.

Once you remove the App we no longer have permission to access your Facebook information and your data will be removed from the App.

How to contact us

For any other information or questions about this policy, please contact us by emailĀ

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